Day: September 17, 2021

2021 Year-In-Review: Trends in Light-Frame and Mass Timber Construction

We’ll open the symposium with a look at regional and national trends in wood construction the past year. What are the latest innovations in light-frame design? How project teams achieving taller and larger mixed-use and multi-family buildings? Which jurisdictions have adopted the tall wood provisions of the 2021 IBC and who is taking advantage of the new construction types? WoodWorks experts from across the country will share insights on these and other topics, highlighting regional trends and their relevance and impacts nationwide. 

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Upgrade Your Mass Timber Engineering Knowledge: Shear Walls, Diaphragms and Fire Detailing

As the use of mass timber continues to grow, so does the depth of questions around its design and code –compliance. Areas of common interest include fire-resistance design, not only of the mass timber floor and wall assemblies, but also at connections, assembly intersections, and firestopping at through penetrations. Until recently, the use of CLT in shear wall and diaphragm applications has usually required an alternate means and materials request due to lack of…

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Evaluating the Cost, Carbon and Energy Impacts of Different Structural Systems

When choosing a structural system, questions related to cost, carbon accounting and energy efficiency are often at the forefront. This presentation will highlight two recent projects where these topics were studied in depth. KL&A Engineers and Builders will present the results of an LCA study comparing the embodied carbon, construction costs and speed of construction of three…

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Mass Timber Hybrid Projects: Leveraging the Strengths of Different Systems

Leveraging the inherent strengths and benefits of different structural building materials is an art that designers have honed over the past century. With mass timber emerging as a viable option for many building types, the question becomes whether to use it for the entire structural system or selectively. Mass timber works very well in a hybrid style of construction, and, depending on the design objectives, this may be the most appropriate solution. In…

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