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Wildfire Resiliency & Timber Innovations

Climate change impacts the health of our overly dense forests, and in recent years we have witnessed increasingly devastating wildfires. The repercussions of these fires extend far beyond the forests themselves, broadly impacting our water supply, air quality and economy (e.g., through cost and insurance implications). In this session, expert panelists will provide an overview…

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Keynote: From Pandemics to Wildfires, Sustainability and Resiliency in 2020 (and Beyond)

Billy Grayson, Urban Land Institute 2020 has been a tumultuous year, with our country facing down a pandemic, recession, wildfires, hurricanes, and a reckoning with a history of racism. This disruption has been a challenge for real estate and land use, but amidst this change there are reasons for optimism—including a growing global commitment to…

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Mass Timber Spec Offices: Developers Share Business Case on Real Deals

Get real business case information from leading developers who were among the first to use mass timber for commercial office buildings in the U.S. Hear first-hand how they are capitalizing on the aesthetic quality of timber buildings through leasing velocity, while realizing other benefits such as speed of construction. Will real numbers behind real deals…

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Virtual Building Tours-Day 1

Catalyst–Spokane,WA Five stories, 150,000 square feet First CLT office building in Washington State Panelists: Katerra and Michael Green Architecture The Soto–San Antonio, TX Six stories, 140,600 square feet A hybrid of DLT and glulam, and the first mass timber office building in Texas Panelists: Hixon Properties, BOKA Powell Architects, LakeǀFlato Architects Each tour will begin…

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Multi-Family Housing Markets, Trends and Innovations

Multi-family housing development is undergoing a period of significant change. Rising land and construction costs have created the need for higher-level amenities and site optimization, while labor market volatility is adding urgency to technology advancements. Meanwhile, the need to reduce embodied carbon and energy consumption associated with new multi-family buildings continues to grow—driven by evolving…

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Keynote: Industrialized Construction and Lean Manufacturing – Where the Ecosystem Needs to Be

Amy Marks, Autodesk Get the 101 lesson on lean manufacturing from Amy – otherwise known as the “Queen of Prefab” – along with the basics of industrialized construction including the design for manufacturing and assembly (DfMA) and prefabrication. Amy will also cover how to align lean tools with prefabrication enablers to drive optimization of prefabrication…

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Meeting and Exceeding Code with Wood & Mass Timber: Applications and Interpretations

Wood-frame and mass timber projects, like all construction in the U.S., have long been hindered by a strong reliance on prescriptive building code limits and less willingness to use or accept performance-based fire protection engineering. However, over the past few years, a shift has occurred. First and most significantly, the International Building Code (IBC) has…

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Building Tours–Day 2

One De Haro – San Francisco, CA Four stories, 138,000 square feet First CLT project in San Francisco and the first multi-story mass timber building in the state Panelists: Perkins & Will, DCI Engineers, SKS Partners, Hathaway Dinwiddie Construction Railyard Flats, Sioux Falls, SD Four-story, 62,000-square-foot multi-family building with attached two-story office Hybrid of DLT…

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