Connections in a Mass Timber Structure: Design & Budget Strategies

Chris Kendall, KL&A Engineers and Builders

Of all the variables in mass timber building design, connections seem to be one of the areas that significantly change from one project to another. Whether it is a beam-to-column connection detail, type of fastener used, or system designed to coordinate mass timber with other materials such as a concrete core, connections in mass timber structures can play a big role in overall project cost, speed of construction, and aesthetics. This presentation will focus on the variety of options for column-to-foundation, column-through-floor, beam-to-column, and panel-to-beam connections, and discuss a number of “beyond code” approaches such as epoxy rods and large member notches. Structural design impacts will be woven into the discussion, as will the impact of connection type on fire performance, aesthetics, cost, load transfer, and fabrication tolerances.

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