Mass Timber and Light-Frame Hybrid Systems in Multi-Family Buildings

Scott Noble, AIA, NCARB, Kaiser Group, Inc.

Due to differences, often significant, in the raw material costs of mass timber and light wood-frame construction, some project teams have had difficulty cost-effectively implementing mass timber in low- to mid-rise (one- to five-story) multi-family buildings. However, a few projects have utilized what is seemingly the best of both worlds—mass timber floor systems that provide inherent beauty, fire resistance and thin floor structures, paired with light wood-frame bearing walls that can be utilized to run MEP services while meeting code requirements for acoustics and fire resistance when clad with materials such as gypsum. This session will highlight one such project, The Canyons, a 70-unit apartment building in Portland, OR. Cost and value propositions will be covered, as will design and strategic material efficiencies.

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