Mass Timber Hybrid Projects: Leveraging the Strengths of Different Systems

Leveraging the inherent strengths and benefits of different structural building materials is an art that designers have honed over the past century. With mass timber emerging as a viable option for many building types, the question becomes whether to use it for the entire structural system or selectively. Mass timber works very well in a hybrid style of construction, and, depending on the design objectives, this may be the most appropriate solution. In this session, we’ll learn about three hybrid mass timber projects currently under construction from members of their design and construction teams: the new adidas HQ project in Portland, which utilizes mass timber panels with precast concrete beams; Penn State’s new College of Engineering West 2 building, which combines mass timber floor panels with a structural steel beam and column frame; and a mixed-use multi-family building in Austin that includes mass timber floor panels with light wood-frame walls.  

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