Meeting and Exceeding Code with Wood & Mass Timber: Applications and Interpretations

Wood-frame and mass timber projects, like all construction in the U.S., have long been hindered by a strong reliance on prescriptive building code limits and less willingness to use or accept performance-based fire protection engineering. However, over the past few years, a shift has occurred. First and most significantly, the International Building Code (IBC) has evolved to include opportunities for larger and taller wood projects, most notably with the introduction of three new construction types in the 2021 IBC, which will allow up to 18 stories of mass timber. At the same time, an increasing number of wood-frame projects have leveraged alternative design approaches to achieve increased height and area. In this panel, expert code consultants will discuss their experiences with code compliance and beyond, in achieving innovative wood solutions. Discussion will include performance-based design strategies, interaction with Authorities Having Jurisdiction, and other critical aspects of project approval. 

Type III Construction: Fire-Resistance Detailing

  • Context for Type III Construction in Modern Mid-Rise, Ali Fattah, City of San Diego
  • Detailing Floor to Wall Intersections in Type III Construction, Jason Smart, American Wood Council
  • Exterior Walls in Type III Construction: Materials and Impacts of Cavity Insulation, Samir Mokashi, Code Unlimited
  • Panel Q&A

Tall Mass Timber: Where are We Now, Where Can We Go?

  • Tall Mass Timber: Teamwork Makes the Dream Work, Ilana Danzig, P.Eng., Struct.Eng., M.Eng., PE, SE, ASPECT Structural Engineers
  • Alternative Design Approaches for Exposed Wood, Mark Chubb, Code Unlimited
  • Compartment Fire Testing for Exposed Wood in Tall Timber Structures, Jason Smart, American Wood Council
  • Panel Q&A
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