Upgrade Your Mass Timber Engineering Knowledge: Shear Walls, Diaphragms and Fire Detailing

As the use of mass timber continues to grow, so does the depth of questions around its design and code compliance. Areas of common interest include fire-resistance design, not only of the mass timber floor and wall assemblies, but also at connections, assembly intersections, and firestopping at through penetrations. Until recently, the use of CLT in shear wall and diaphragm applications has usually required an alternate means and materials request due to lack of code recognition. However, the American Wood Council’s 2021 Special Design Provisions for Wind and Seismic (SDPWS) contains prescriptive guidance for CLT shear walls and diaphragms. This session will cover the above topics and, with a better understanding of the challenges and potential solutions, attendees will be able to confidently pursue mass timber for their projects. 

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