Wildfire Resiliency & Timber Innovations

Climate change impacts the health of our overly dense forests, and in recent years we have witnessed increasingly devastating wildfires. The repercussions of these fires extend far beyond the forests themselves, broadly impacting our water supply, air quality and economy (e.g., through cost and insurance implications). In this session, expert panelists will provide an overview of the challenges associated with wildfire resiliency and discuss how severe fires can be reduced through innovative building solutions. Utilizing wood in construction helps create a market incentive for forest thinning and other landscape restoration efforts that support healthy and resilient forests.

  • Climate Change Impacts on Forests & Wildfires, Paul Hessburg, USDA Forest Service
  • Impacts & Implications – Urban and Rural, Rich Gordon, California Forestry Association
  • Fire Suppression and Development in the WUI, Ken Pimlott, CAL FIRE
  • Utilizing Wood in Construction Supports Healthy Forests and Rural Economies, Janelle Leafblad, PE, WoodWorks
  • Panel Q&A

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