El Verano Elementary School Multi-Purpose Building: Utilizing Wood for Value and Versatility

This session will take a detailed look at the new multi-purpose building as part of an elementary school campus in Sonoma, California. The project is a single story, 7,500 sf structure featuring a large multipurpose room, full-service kitchen, indoor and outdoor stages, and support spaces. Utilizing wood/steel roof trusses and 10” LSL wood wall studs in order to accommodate nearly 30 ft tall walls, the project was designed as Type VB Construction, fully sprinklered, with a combination of four occupancies: A-3, B, S-1 and S-2. This presentation by the project architect will discuss several structural framing systems initially evaluated, why wood was ultimately chosen, and what unique challenges its use helped solve. Attendees will be able to ask their questions live following the presentation.

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