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Wildfire Resiliency & Timber Innovations

Climate Change Impacts on Forests & Wildfires, Paul Hessburg, USDA Forest Service Impacts & Implications – Urban and Rural, Rich Gordon, California Forestry Association Fire Suppression and Development in the WUI, Ken Pimlott, CAL FIRE Utilizing Wood in Construction Supports Healthy Forests and Rural Economies, Janelle Leafblad, PE, WoodWorks Panel Q&A

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Keynote: From Pandemics to Wildfires, Sustainability and Resiliency in 2020 (and Beyond)

Billy Grayson, Urban Land Institute

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Mass Timber Spec Offices: Developers Share Business Case on Real Deals

WoodWorks’ Business Case for Mass Timber Project Hoping to Attract ESG Investors, Melissa Kroskey, WoodWorks and Dillon Lorda, Conrad Investment Management Business Case Trends Emerging from Mass Timber Projects, Noel Johnson, Cairn Pacific Timber Proves to be a Good Business Decision for California’s Ice Block I, Mike Heller, Heller Pacific Panel Discussion/ Q&A

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Virtual Building Tours-Day 1

Catalyst–Spokane,WA Five stories, 150,000 square feet First CLT office building in Washington State Panelists: Katerra The Soto–San Antonio, TX Six stories, 140,600 square feet A hybrid of DLT and glulam, and the first mass timber office building in Texas Panelists: Hixon Properties, BOKA Powell Architects, LakeǀFlato Architects Each tour will begin with a video highlighting…

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